(Part 1)

To access the screen shown below, run CuteFTP. If the "Site Manager" window does not appear, click FTP->Site Manager from the menu options. Then Click "Add Site"

Modify theses settings, replacing with yourdomain.com with your domain name:

Site Label: yourdomain
Host Address: your IP address, or yourdomain.com after it has been registered
User ID: first 12 characters of yourdomain (without http://www,and the .com or .net)
Password: your password
Initial Remote directory: /web

After you have filled in the boxes, click "OK" to save the settings. You will then be presented with the "FTP Site Manager" window. The profile you have just created should be in the list on the right.

Now that you have established an FTP profile, click the profile name and then the "Connect" button.

The other configurable items are optional. See your software's help section for further details.

In the next section: CuteFTP: Transferring Files we'll show you how to move files from your hard drive to the server.